Qualified Personnel to Help Your Bottom Line

Strategically positioned in the near-shore marketplace to manage your collection needs.

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Your Time Is Worth More

Strategically positioned in the near-shore marketplace to manage your collection needs.

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Why Connect?

Your time is worth more. Save time, increase cash flow and become more efficient by partnering with Connect International. Connect International agents perform to standards our customers expect at a savings of 40%.

Qualified individuals to help your bottom line. Connect International carefully screens our agents to meet our highest standards. Customers attest our agents begin contributing immediately to the success of the organization to which they support.


Instant & Measurable Value

Migrate from high variable cost to low and predictable fixed costs.

Resource Flexibility

Large pool of trained Connect International agents

No long-term contract commitments

    Hear an Agent

    Our employees have a firm affinity to the US culture and are fluent in both the Spanish and English languages.


    Collection Services

    Growing your business is the priority. The last thing you want to do is chase outstanding accounts receivables. The problem is that time is not on your side. Let Connect International focus on recovering the money you’ve already earned so that you can move your business forward.

    Skip Tracing

    There’s an art to Skip Tracing. For years Connect International has developed the staff, techniques and resources to succeed where others fail.

    Quality Assurance

    Monitoring calls can be time consuming and often requires an investment in telephony infrastructure. Connect International offers a pragmatic solution to this key element of insuring customer service and sales success.

    Medical Billing

    Obtaining and assembling information for medical billing is timely and complex. Connect International has extensive experience in the field that provides valuable efficiencies.

    Appointment Setting & Conferencing

    You can’t be in two places at the same time. Cold calling and setting appointments often take a "back seat" to more pressing matters. Connect International can stay focused on getting you in front of fresh faces while you keep your current customers happy.

    Customer Care & Support

    The Connect International Customer Support team is comprised experienced customer support experts. Through a highly tuned process this team will work to quickly understand your product, service and the processes needed to provide world class care.

    Customer Verification

    Often customer information becomes outdated. Our customer verification program is structured to canvas, verify and update extensive databases.

    Data Input

    Data input can be timely, removing employees from other important tasks. Connect International can increase manpower so that data can be entered into your system quickly and accurately.


    News & Information


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    We just moved locations!

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